At FGi Logistics, customer experience will always be the heart of our operations. Our blueprint of tomorrow lies in strengthening our ties today. We strive to achieve excellence for all our customer’s needs. With our resourceful team of logistics professionals, an extensive global network; we are prepared for the future by building a strong foundation today.

Our Mission

Led Afghanistan logistics enterprises to go abroad to participate in international competition, and advocate the concept of logistics enterprises and to be a leader in our markets by providing world class services that ensure long-term company durability. FGi Logistics, as a logistic solutions provider, is committed to:

Our Vision

FGi Logistics will constantly exceed customer expectations by providing innovative logistics solutions. Being a service company our values are based on our purpose of being the best freight forwarder for our customers. Since we are dependent on our client’s satisfaction, we will do everything possible to transport their freight safely, timely and cost efficient. We believe that the value of our company can only be measured by the quality of services we provide and thus your utter satisfaction and contentment.

We treat our client’s logistics related gain or loss as our own. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring their freight and screening for improvements to efficiency and effectiveness. We set clear priorities when dealing with the freights. We keep focused on forwarding our client’s freight safely, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible. We envision to join-up with bigger corporate organizations and enhance the image in market place, to have stronger financial back-up for business expansion, to provide quality, efficient and timely services to our customers and at last; to be the leading freight forwarding in the region.