in addition to our full service such as 3PL services, trucking and customs clearance services throughout Afghanistan, we offer warehousing and storage yard services as well. In today’s challenging and competitive market, a good warehousing is the key to success for any business. Fgi Logistics offers secure yard facilities at all major points in Afghanistan. Our warehouses are among the safest places to deposit your goods backed by round-the-clock security guards. All goods are properly protected so that they can remain in our warehouse for as long as the customer deems necessary.Our main Kabul facility is highlighted as follows:
  • In close proximity to Kabul Industrial Area
  • Existing 12’ wall and razor wire with lighting towers placed around the perimeter.
  • 24/7 certified security guard guarding main gates and facilities inside.
  • Our facility provides a secure open-air storage lot capable of accommodating a minimum of 100 x 40’ containers along with additional space used for more than 50 pieces of rolling stock and three covered warehouse buildings.
  • The facility includes a point of entry separate from the point of exit thus allowing delivery trucks to maneuver inside the compound without risk of damage to other property.
  • As part of the Security Plan for this compound, alternate emergency exits available for both equipment and personnel exit points. Entry points and exits are monitored by security guards
  • The perimeter of the compound is secured by a twelve-foot-high wall and additional security provided by concertina wire placed on the twelve-foot-high wall to ensure adequate safety.
  • The facility is equipped with internet and communication technology.
In addition to the facility, we provide parking yards’ services with below value-added and comprehensive logistics services:
  • Equipped with cranes, forklifts, tractors (semi-trucks), box trucks, flat-bed and low-beds.
  • Short and long term parking
  • Cargo distribution
  • Established Security Systems
  • On-site security and all-weather secure loading areas
  • Highly qualified workforce
  • Dedicated track and trace transport and trailer fleet are geared towards smooth operation
  • Unloading/Devanning/Unstuffing and Trans-loading for containers transport
  • Storage to support supply chain management

Other Services

FGI Logistics offers efficient multimodal and intermodal transportation options for shipments that require a combination of air, road, rail or ocean transport. Our logistics specialists can help you plan and track your intermodal shipment to help you save money, reduce transit time and increase your shipment’s security.