Aviation and Transport

Our aviation division holds ISO 9001:2015 certification and operates ongoing mature flight-safety and oversight programs.We have provided airlift services, passenger transport and air cargo charters to US and UN programs, as well as many other international organizations in Afghanistan, Africa and The Middle East.

Fuel Provision

We procure and deliver high-quality fuels, oils and lubricants to support US and UN missions throughout Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. Currently we have regular deliveries to Mogadishu, Baledogle, Kismayo, Jowhar, Baidoa and Beledweyne in Somalia and throughout Afghanistan and Iraq using our vast network of local-nationalservice providers.

FGi provides fuels to power all types of vehicles, oils for engine maintenance, and lubricants such as aeroshell greases used for anti-locking and anti-friction in aircraft and vehicles.

Vehicle Services & Fleet Management

FGi provides reliable and innovative vehicle services throughout many regions of the world, using our established facilities, supply chain network and trusted partners. We lease, procure and maintain hundreds of armored and soft-skins non-tactical vehicles and construction equipment and manage the spare parts inventory to keep them operational.

Previously, FGi effectively maintained more than 500 vehicles and armored de-mining equipment for the U.S. Department of the Army’s Afghanistan-Wide Mine, Battle Area and Range Clearance Operations I, II and III Projects and for theU.S. Army Engineering and Support Center (USAESC) Environmental Footprint Reduction (EFR) II, III and IV In some of the most austere environments, including FOB Dwyer, KAF, BAF, FOB Dahlke and FOB Fenty.

Currently, FGi vehicles are being utilized by hundreds of security service providers in commercial and non-commercials Projectsat in Mogadishu, Kabul, Kandahar, Erbil, Baghdad and Amman.

Safe and Secure Life Support

FGI provides all-encompassing solutions for base and remote stations operations – each tailored to meet the unique needs of your locations and mission. Whether it’s supporting aviation, de-mining or forward operating bases.


FGi also offers water purification and waste management services.Our comprehensive environmental management solutions include provision of potable and general use water. Our staff have also built and operated water treatment plants and solid waste management facilities.


True to our principle of transforming difficult into easy, we work with our clients to provide turnkey solutions for their projects, delivering efficiently and cost effectively without compromising standards all over the world.