Air Cargo Services

Any Task you may have - We Can do it

Air Company “FGI Logistics“ holds gratitude and appreciation letters from partners confirming the high level of our aviation services.

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In-land Trucking Solutions

We make anything possible

We aim to provide our customers with a cost effective and efficient service. We arrange National transport for all types of importers and exporters to all destinations Afghanistan

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Fleets Management

Meet the vehicle leasing company that listens

We have over 5 years’ experience operating in remote areas with more than 500 armored and Soft Skins vehicles in 17 provinces of Afghanistan.

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FGI Logistics Inc.

At FGi, we always strive to perform above your expectations and our
industry’s standards. It’s not the exception here. It’s the rule

FGi has 283 employees working on navigate here some of the most complex and exciting projects in Afghanistan. From our Kabul headquarter to the many large cities and small towns around Afghanistan where our employees live and work, we are committed to the vision and core values of our founders to build a better Afghanistan and make a difference in the lives of others. FGi is the only logistics-procure-aviation company that offers this wide spectrum of expertise, knowledge, and services across varied industries and government agencies.

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Always deliver more than expected

With an extensive, modern fleets, SUV and Pickup fleets, FGi specializes in Armored and Soft Skins Vehicles leasing and maintenance services. We served as vendor for multinational /prime contractor for US ARMY throughout all regions of Afghanistan

As a leading and expert vendor, FGi delivers:
  • Assured on time deliveries
  • Customer-focused communication and follow-through
  • A single point of contact for dispatch and order status information
  • High-quality, well-maintained equipment
  • Expert operation team to maintain daily updates status to customer
  • An outstanding prices to our customers


Satisfied Clients About Us :


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