Logistics Support for Expeditionary Operations

We have a long history of successfully working with our global network of agents. FGi is distinguished in the logistics industry for its ability to work with location national companies, and our extensive logistics expertise encompasses every skill necessary to plan and successfully transport a wide range of materials and equipment to meet our clients’ demanding programs. We have a robust logistical model and supply lines that span the globe.


Most importantly, the FGi approach to logistics and logistics management is grounded in firm adherence to international compliance and quality standards. We have completed several projects for the U.S. Department of Defense Air Command, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and similar organizations.

By Air, Sea & Land

Through FGi’s dedicated project teams who combine enormous experience supporting governments, defense organizations and private clients you will benefit from flexibility, technical know-how and perfect planning 24/7/365.

Whether it is transporting of goods, equipment or AOG (Aircraft or ground) shipments for international mission, we can make your arrangements by sea, road or air. 

As an independent operator, we offer cost-effective solutions through our close ties with all players in the logistics industry.